The 30th EECERA Conference is hosted by the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

It is organised by Centre for Research in Early Childhood, in conjunction with the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Conference plenary sessions will take place at Concert Hall „Vatroslav Lisinski“ Zagreb (Opening Ceremony) & Hotel Westin (Closing Ceremony).

All symposia will take place at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Croatia

The Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb, Croatia boasts its long tradition as the oldest institution in charge of pre-school and primary teacher education in Croatia. This year we celebrate 100 years of our active role, now within the University of Zagreb, which in turn celebrates 350 years of continuous activity.
Our mission is to ensure high quality teachers, bachelors, masters and PhDs trained to work in or for pre-school and primary institutions as agents of change. We strive to be actively involved in creating and improving educational policies in Croatia as we hold the expertise to confidently do so.

We emphasise the importance of lifelong learning, creativity and versatility as key teacher competences. The Faculty’s interdisciplinary orientation makes it a place where students can experience a unique blend of scientific activity merging from five scientific fields: humanities and social sciences, natural and biomedical sciences, interdisciplinary sciences and arts.
Our academic activity is firmly linked to practice in kindergartens and schools and other institutions of preschool and primary education.

We take pride in carrying out projects which result from cooperation between different faculties of the University of Zagreb, we have excellent partners from all universities in Croatia and our staff cherish priceless international connections, so that the Faculty has the pleasure of cooperating with a number of European countries, but also with almost all continents.
The Faculty of Teacher Education comprises three departments: the Department of Teacher Education Studies, the Department of Pre-school Education Studies and the Department of Educational Studies.

We offer a number of study programmes: the Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study Program for Primary Teacher Education with four modules: Educational Sciences, Croatian Language, Information Technology, and Visual Arts; the Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study Program for Primary Teacher Education with foreign languages (English or German), the Undergraduate University Study Program “Early Childhood and Preschool Education” as well as the Graduate University Program bearing the same name.

We offer two postgraduate specialist studies in Lifelong Education and in Drama Education. Our students can celebrate their academic endeavours in achieving the highest academic title, a PhD. We offer two PhD programmes in educational sciences: the Doctoral Study Program “Lifelong Education and Educational Sciences” and the Doctoral Study Program “Language, Literature and Culture in the Context of Early Childhood, Preschool, and Primary Education”. And we have a Centre for Lifelong Education offering a number of in-service professional development courses for teachers teaching at all levels of education.

We also offer a number of courses in English and German and in such a way raise interest of international students in our Faculty.

Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), Birmingham (United Kingdom)

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood, more commonly referred to as CREC, is the home of CREC in Birmingham (Charitable Trust) and Amber Publications & Training Ltd (APT). Established by Professor Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram, CREC has been working to improve early years provision for over 25 years. Located in Birmingham, United Kingdom, CREC specialises in early childhood research which has relevant and meaningful outcomes for practice and policy. Some of its research is transformed into training and development programmes designed for the specific needs of the early years sector. CREC also offers postgraduate research degrees and has a strong reputation for undertaking reviews, reports, evaluations and consultancy work with many UK local authorities, NGOs and countries. Examples include the British Council, QDCA, OECD, Portugal, Qatar, South Australia, Birmingham and Gloucestershire. CREC also runs British Early Childhood Education Research Association (BECERA) Conference and has been EECERA’s strategic partner supporting the delivery of the annual conference since 2009.