Those of you who have attended previously will know our annual event programme is vast and complex. And while hosting an online event means potentially better access and reach, we do not wish to overwhelm our delegates with not only long hours but also long screen time.

What we are planning to do is provide a range of online experiences, that would normally be offered across 3 or 4 ‘physical’ days, over a period of 15 ‘virtual’ days. We are proposing the scientific core of the programme will be provided between Monday 6th September and Friday 10th September with a whole host of SIG meetings and events, EECERA business meetings, in the week before (week commencing 30th August) and social programme and seminars / workshops, the week after (week commencing 13th September).

To better reflect the style of the event we’re now planning, we would like to now invite you to participate in our EECERA Online Festival 2021.

Read the full Statement regarding EECERA Online Festival 2021


EECERA Festival Scientific Programme

The EECERA Annual Conference has always offered its participants an opportunity for their research projects to be peer-reviewed, presented to, and discussed with, fellow early childhood education researchers, practitioners and students from across the world. This year the offer will be no different, but the mode of presentation will be. The difference this year is that to help us deliver this online, in a manageable way for all 600 papers for which we have received abstracts, we will be asking for these to be recorded in advance for uploading to our conference platform. Further guidance will be provided in due course but we outline below how this will happen:

Symposia (Individual Papers and Self-organised)

Individual paper presentations will again be grouped into themed symposia (of three papers) by the EECERA Scientific Committee and allocated a Chair. Chairs will arrange a convenient time for all presenters to meet online (via Teams, Zoom or other online video meeting software) in June or July 2021 to present and record their 1 hour symposia. We will allocate 15 minutes per presentation followed by up to 15 minutes chaired discussion among the presenters regarding common themes and issues that have arisen.

Self-organised symposia will follow the same format and we will ask the chairs to be responsible for coordinating, setting up and hosting an online meeting in order to record the symposium presentations and discussion before sending us the video file for inclusion in the EECERA programme.
All pre-recorded symposia will then be published and made available to watch during the scientific week in several different time blocks across the five days. Presenters will be able to interact with anyone watching their presentation recording via a comments box on the conference platform. Anyone not able to watch at that time will still be able to catch-up on the recording over the next 2 months. In this way we hope that many more people will get to watch a presentation than at a ‘normal’ conference, increasing the reach of everyone’s academic work.

Poster Presentations

Poster presenters will be requested to submit their poster to us in advance (electronic format) which will then be uploaded to a gallery for delegates to view throughout the conference. Guidelines will be provided (e.g. File format; File size; length of any embedded commentary) on how and when to send these files to us.

PED Talks

PED talk presentations will follow a similar process to symposia presentations but each presentation will be limited to 10 minutes in length. Further guidance will be provided in due course.

EECERA Festival SIG, Business and Social Programmes

Over the next weeks and months, we will be working on these elements of the Festival. Confirmed events will be allocated a time and mapped out on our three-week programme which will be published and updated on a regular basis.


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